Ližnjan Kroatien


In the far south-east of Istria,among Mediterranean broom vegetation lies Ližnja

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In the far south-east of Istria,among Mediterranean broom vegetation lies Ližnja

Apartments by the sea two-storey, two-bedroom with balcony, one-storey with garden from 64 - 84 m. More apartments of different sizes.

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  • Antal rum: 5 rum
  • Boarea: 64 kvm
  • Pris: 121 600 EUR
  • Byggnadsår: 2020
  • Område: Kroatien - Istrien

121 600 EUR


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Dragan Milinkovic

Dragan Milinkovic

SMH Estate Kroatien

Välkommen till Ližnjan

Distance from the beach 400 m. Top location.
Price 1900 €, m2


Magical underwater world, good winds and idyllic nature for an unforgettable adventure in the Municipality of Ližnjan.

Do you want to dive to a sunken scout cruiser, ride along 70 km of bike trails by the sea, go horseback riding through fragrant meadows with a view of the Kvarner islands or kitesurf in a bay of big waves? These are just some of the many activities that make the southeast of Istria an excellent choice for those who love untouched nature, sports and recreation

Cyclists, surfers, divers, lovers of horseback riding, kitesurfing, sailing, kayaking and many other sports and recreational activities will find here a peaceful green and blue oasis, free from the tourist hustle and bustle with many possibilities for active holidays.

The beauty of untouched nature and the underwater makes the southeast of Istria one of the most attractive locations for diving and surfing, while cycling enthusiasts, as well as hikers, can enjoy its idyllic landscapes on numerous bike trails stretching along the shoreline. An impressive view of the Kvarner islands is complemented by holm oak forests, pastures and grasslands full of aromatic plants as well as the long rocky coast skirted by the crystal clear sea.


In terms of biological diversity, the marine ecosystem of the municipality does not lag behind the terrestrial one. The blue depths hide biocenoses waiting to be discovered; the coralligenous communities on the underwater walls abound in red algae, multicoloured sponges, crustaceans and soft corals. Semi-dark caves and passages invite you into their labyrinths of tunnels and underwater chambers. There are also green meadows of well-preserved seagrass Posidonia (Posidonia oceanica), a Mediterranean endemic species. Its meadows represent the lungs of the sea, because they enrich the sea with the oxygen they produce. Several hundred species of algae and animals live, breed, hunt and hide in them. With its long leaves, it mitigates the onslaught of waves and prevents the erosion of the shore, while its roots bind the sediment and prevent its removal.

The biggest underwater attraction of Ližnjan’s seabed is the wreck of “Cesare Rossarol”, an Italian scout cruiser that attracts many technical divers. 85 m long and 8 m wide, today she lies at a depth of 50 m near Cape Munat Veliki. She sank in 1918 after running into a moored mine whose powerful explosion halved her in two.

Ližnjan: A must-visit in Croatia for nature lovers

On the south side of the passage to the bay of Kuje, you’ll find Cape Uljeva (Punta Uliva), and in front of it a spacious rocky area with countless rocks that rise from the depth of 5 m almost up to the sea surface. These dangerous shoals were the cause of stranding of many a merchant ship dating back to Roman times. Today, the site abounds with fragmented remains of Roman amphorae that have slept for centuries in ravines and holes between the rocks. It is important to note that these remains are on the List of Preventively Protected Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia. Divers often go in search of the remains of the ancient villa of Giulia Frontona, which is believed to have existed in this place.

Ližnjan: A must-visit in Croatia for nature lovers

Best dive sites: Cape Cuf, Cape Sv. Stipan, Sika Rock, Marlera Lighthouse, Cape Uljeva, Cesare Rossarol wreck. They can be visited through excursions organized by the local diving centre Bura Bora.


Very interesting cycling routes wind their way all along the coast of Ližnjan. Whether macadam or forest paths, these bike trails are a good reason to visit this area at any time of year. In the area of ??the Municipality of Ližnjan there are almost 70 km of marked bike trails and promenades. While riding or walking along these trails, visitors can discover the natural and cultural heritage that needs to be preserved through caring for the environment



Dragan Milinkovic

"Jag hjälper dig gärna med en kostnadsfri värdering."

Dragan Milinkovic

SMH Estate Kroatien


Jag hjälper dig gärna med en kostnadsfri värdering.


Antal rum
5 rum
64 m²


750 m
1 000 m
25 000 m
400 m
600 m
350 m




121 600 EUR



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